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HPI proudly announces the arrival of the HPI E10 RTR kit here in the United States! The E10 is a level entry kit aimed at those who want quick, out of the box, rc drift action without the hassle of finding the right set up and breaking the bank. The E10 is a 4WD chassis made for drifting with a front mounted motor for easier drift action. Do you want to race the E10? You can easily make the chassis rear mounted!

rc drift hpi e10

Included with the E10 RTR package is a digital 27mhz AM tra>nsmitter with dual rate adjustable steering, receiver, reversible electronic speed controller, high torque 540 27T motor, 7.2v 1500 maH Ni-Cd battery and a 120v wall charger. It has everything you need right out of the box. Just charge up the battery, put 8 AAs in the transmitter and get your drift on! Are you the type that likes to rebuild things and add bling? The HPI E10 is fully upgradeable!

rc drift hpi e10

The E10 is HPI’s answer to the ever popular Tamiya TT-01. The TT-01 has been maligned by many as entry level but time and time again, the Tamiya TT-01 has proven its worth. But this new chassis from HPI will give Tamiya a run for its money. The HPI E10 is equipped with T-Drift tires made exclusively for drifting. T-Drift drift tires are perfect for increased drifts without sacrificing realistic drifts and angles. Because of the T-Drift’s longevity, you won’t need to worry about swapping them out any time soon.

My  first impression of the E10, just as I had thought of the TT-01, was that it was just a entry level RC.  Being used to the bling of carbon fiber chassis and aluminum parts, it’s easy to forget that the Tamiya TT-01 was used to win the rc drift meet at D1GP in the May of 2007 and took 2nd place at Montclair State University for the East Coast Drifters/GroovyDrift drift meet.  But taking a closer look at the E10, it is easy to see that HPI built a champion drifter out of the box. With limited tunability, there are LESS mistakes one can make with setup that can ruin the E10’s ability to drift.

rc drift hpi e10rc drift hpi e10

One of the first things I checked were the diffs. Suprisingly, HPI didn’t go with the common belief that rear diffs should be locked. Instead the front and rear diffs are perfectly matched allowing for long sweeping drifts, and snap back action for transitions. Shocks are soft at each four corners to allow for better control of your drifts and to keep the wheels planted on rough surfaces. I can honestly say, that with this set up, there is no need for oil filled shocks. This chassis will not sag and drag without oil filled shocks.

rc drift hpi e10rc drift hpi e10

The 27T motor may be too weak for those who say brushless is the way to go. In all reality, this 27T motor was enough to get the E10 through some long drifts but yet power is reigned in by design so that the beginner drifter doesn’t become overwhelmed with too much power. Feel like you can take the power? Go and upgrade your motor and esc!

The HPI E10 is a hobby grade drifter without the exorbitant prices. While limited in tunability, this chassis is already tuned for rc drift action. The front mounted motor allows for better controllability found in the famous Tamiya TA-03F. Because this is a hobby grade chassis, all electronics may be upgraded to fit your needs.The HPI E10 can be found at TowerHobbies and other fine HPI dealers, the HPI E10 is a sure winner that won’t put a hole in your pocket!



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