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RC Drift News and Info

rc drift

Congratulations tosaxo8911's Saint Seiya's Orange 180SX!!! There was an awesome array of competitors in January and this one got the most votes. Keep them coming! As a reminder, international members ARE eligible to participate and win the prizes!

Thank you to all who participated by submitting your nominations/votes and especially to those who share their works of art with us. Remember, just because a shell loses one month doesn't mean it can't be nominated again in another month.

Nominations are now open for the February BOTM contest! Please read the rules if you are not yet familiar with them. All shells finished in 2007 are still eligible for nomination as long as they have not won a contest on any other website.

Prize this month will be from GenkiDoriDori,com A set of Speed Way Pal Slidemaster LB wheels - Matt Bronze 7mm offset (4)! For second place, the monthly winner will get a set of Odyssey Garage RC Drift Tires! These are the same used in the Team D10 rc drift videos!

The Rules
The February Nominations

February 3, 2008

rc drift

February 2, 2008

rc drift rcx

February 2, 2008

bpi rcx

HPI/HB Drift Challenge #2 @RCX 2008

Presenting the HPI/HB Drift Challenge #2. Show off your drifting talents and wow the crowds at the 2008 RCX RC Expo on April 19th and 20th at the Fairplex in Pomona, CA. Sign up for 2 days of drift battles galore, time attack madness and freestyle drift sessions! We will have signup forms up soon, in the meantime here are some early details.... -2 days of Drift competitions/sessions.

-HPI/HB chassis, body, wheels and tires only.
-3 classes: Sport T-Drift (19T), Expert T-Drift (Open), Time Attack (Open).
-Pre-registration must be received by April 14th.
-RCX pass (both days) included with entry fee ($30 per class for entire 2 day event).
-32x48 track size (same layout as Drift@HPI #1).
-There will be "open/break" track times in between sessions to check out the show.
-Free HPI body with entry.
-HPI/HB kits, trophies, goodies for prizes.
-Power provided at the track (...we're working on tables also).
-Limited to 30 competitors (due to current space limitations).
-Multiple sessions of tandem battles (1st session bracket determined by results from Drift@HPI #1).
Info link to 2008 RCX EXPO.
Stay tuned for more info...

January 31, 2008

rc drift magazine

The first ever English rc drift magazine has hit the press! Expect copies at your door and at the newsstands in February. Work on the next issue has already begun! Check out this thread and submit your own favorite shell and possibly win the honor of being featured in the next front cover! Everyone in the world is qualified to join!

December 14, 2007

A new rc drift mini-documentary was recently released by team DriftEZ from NorCal. Check it out now!

December 9, 2007

Well Christmas is almost here and Genki DoriDori is again offering customers the chance to win some bonus Driftmas presents  Wink

To be in it to win it simply make a purchase between December 1st and 24th (Japan time). Prizes will be drawn Christmas day and winners will be notified by email.

This year we are giving away the following:

1x ABC Hobby Genetic Toyota Vitz RS Chassis ( to be eligible for this prize simply order $60USD or more. This applies per order, not combined orders).

rc drift genki dori

6x Ride Drift Tyre, Type S (6 customers will have the chance of winning a set of these great new tyres. Automatically eligable for all purchases under $60USD. 1 set per customer)

rc drift tires

November 30, 2007

Now just in! Pre-orders start on December 1. Reserve your copy now of the world premiere issue. Show your support for the rc drift community. Buy copies for your friends and relatives. Show them how fun this hobby can be and help spread rc drift action!

November 29, 2007

rc drift magazine

The first ever English written rc drift magazine is closer to reality as GT02's Supra garnered the most votes and landed itself on the front cover of the upcoming premiere issue of Drift RC - Radio Control Drift Magazine!!!

Congratulations to GT02 for being the "chosen one" and thanks to Tyler for turning this magazine into reality! With this launch, we hope that the rc drift scene all over the world will enjoy increased membership and participation. Reserve your copy now or ask your favorite newsstand to carry the magazine!

November 29, 2007

rc drift club

RC Drift Club has done it again for the SoCal RC Drift scene as they put together a unique rc drift competition. They also provide all the equipment. Just bring your rc drift skills and have fun!

October 12, 2007

rc drift hpi e10

This past month, HPI proudly announced the arrival of the E10 RTR kit here in the United States! The HPI E10 is a level entry kit aimed at those who want quick, out of the box, rc drift action without the hassle of finding the right set up and breaking the bank. This is a hobby grade rc drifter that will bring fun, rc drift action to the masses and value conscious customers! Read HERE for more info!

October 03, 2007

I guess some of you have already heard that we are blessed to have someone with enough vision and courage to take on a task as publishing a rc drift magazine. Currently, he is looking for a cover!!! Take shots of your favorite shell in the best camera setting with the best background as possible. Submit your photos here, no more larger than 800x600 so we get a good look at it. The winner will be chosen by the publisher, contacted and have the picture of his car on the front cover of the VERY FIRST RC DRIFT MAGAZINE!!!


Deadline for the cover is next Friday, October 12. So we'll need a decision on the which pic to use by mid- next week!!!

Sept. 22, 2007

Thank you for supporting DRC and submitting your wonderful shells for the rest of the rc drifting community to enjoy. Without people submitting their shells, there wouldn't be a contest and the art of shell craftsmanship would not be a part of this hobby. To thank you, the DRC member, we have expanded our prizes to First, Second and Third place vote getters!!!

First Place Prize will be from Genki or Capsule2One, alternating every other month.

Second Place Prize will be from Odyssey. Every month, he will send you a set of Odyssey Garage Tires valued at $19.

Third Place Prize will be from DarkBeginning. Every month, he will give you DRC Credits to be used towards any purchase at www.rcdriftshop.com!

A mystery sponsor has joined the DRC family and details on the prize and how to win these prizes will soon follow. Stay tuned and thank you for making DRC one of the friendliest and helpful rc drift websites on the web!

Sept. 15, 2007

DRC Community,
We now have a MySpace account in order for us to reach out to more people who do not know what rc drifting is and to network with those already in the import car scene or the RC scene. If you have MySpace, please add us on! If you don't, get on MySpace now and join! If you are a DRC partner and would like a banner on MySpace, please make one 320x50 banner and submit it to me. We will glady put it up to give your site added exposure.

Another new exciting addition to the RC Drift Community is the RC Drift Directory. Please visit the directory and add all and any rc drift forums (international included), rc drift vendors, that you can think of that is not already present in the directory. Please submit to the proper section and include a description for better exposure! If you have a website, I encourage you to link up to the RC Drift Directory as well. Being on the RC Drift Directory and linking to it will increase traffic to your site. The higher ranking the RC Drift Directory is, the more traffic is more apt to go your way. Thank you for your continuing support of the DRC Central Community.

DRC Staff

Sept. 12, 2007

rc drift mx3s

The new MX-3 FHSS (Frequency Hopping) 2.4 GHz Spread Spectrum radio system is based on the revolutionary MX-3.

Now you can have crystal FREE, interference FREE performance in the comfortable MX-3 chassis.

The MX-3 FHSS has all the features of the MX-3, plus 18 Model Memory.  You can save all of your models and setups in one transmitter and be on your way to the track.

Never worry about having the correct crystal, because you have crystal FREE interference FREE 2.4 GHz technology.

The MX-3 FHSS is available as a transmitter and receiver system that includes:  2.4 GHz Transmitter, Receiver and Dry Battery Holder.  Additional 2.4 GHz 92324 3 channel receivers are available separately.

Sept. 12 , 2007

speedwaypal rc drift partsspeedwaypal rc drift partsspeedwaypal rc drift parts

Some new bling to add to your favorite rc drift shell from Speedway Pal! You know who to buy them from!

Sept. 12 , 2007

hpi parts rc drift

Need a complete set of parts to make your shell look realistic? New from HPI Racing, a complete kit to add an intercooler, side mirrors and an exhaust to your shell! Can be found in many fine rc drift shops that carry HPI Racing products.

Sept. 4 , 2007

Watch it now, the world premiere of East Coast's Point1Drift and their very first rc drift video! Hopefully Point1Drift's video will do for the rc drift scene on the East Coast what Team D10's videos did for South Africa! Are you from the East Coast? Interested in rc drifting? Come join us at the East Coast Drifters forum!!!

July 21 , 2007

rc drift tires

Now available outside South Africa, Odyssey Garage RC Drift Tires!!! You've seen the Team D10 Videos and wondered how those guys drift so well. One of the factors playing into those awesome drift are these tires. Click on the picture for more info!

May 21, 2007

tamiya toyota supra

Popularized by such movies as Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and the well-known animation series Initial D, the once amateur sport of drift racing now has a wide audience and professional race series. Tamiya now brings you the last generation Toyota Supra (JZA80) sports car on the drift-spec TT-01D chassis. Add this beauty to your collection of rc drift shells. Check out this tutorial on how to paint shells!

tamiya subaru

Tamiya has had a long history of releasing R/C models of real-life World Rally Championship cars, and this year sees the announcement of the new Subaru Impreza WRC Monte Carlo 07 on our popular TT-01 chassis complete with eye-catching LED lights.

April 26 , 2007

Speedway Pal Samurai

Check out the new Samurai Drift 23T Motor (Avaiable in red or blue color!). Made by SpeedWay Pal, one of our favorite rc drift companies. They continue to impress us with their dedication to rc drifting! Discuss HERE!

April 26 , 2007

Spektrum dx3r

Check out the new DX3R from Spektrum! It's sure to make some head turns out on the track with this new futuristic, funky form.

While DX3R’s intelligently designed ergonomics are the first thing that catches the eye, it is the superior responsiveness of its advanced 2.4GHz DSM2 technology that will get people talking. In addition to unparalleled freedom and interference protection, DSM2 has a faster response time than any other spread spectrum or PPM system. With it, you will be able to hold the “line” around a track with a level of precision and control unlike anything you have experienced before. And because DSM2 uses direct sequence spread spectrum technology, you’ll maintain this superior response rate no matter how “noisy” the 2.4GHz environment gets. Click HERE for more info.

April 24 , 2007

 3Racing Tamiya ta05

Check out the 3Racing chassis upgrade for the Tamiya TA-05! This well balanced and drift proven chassis now has carbon fiber and blue bits to make even the Yokomo BD envious. Find out if all this bling is worth the buck or if it'll leave you singing the blues.

March 11 , 2007

New Speed Way Pal D9s

Speedway Pal

Discuss HERE.

March 11 , 2007

RC RTR NISMO Coppermix Silvia - TT01D LED Lights Drift Spec

Tamiya RC Drift Spec

Drift racing has become such a popular sport that many R/C fans want to try it out as well. Tamiya meets this demand by taking the popular TT-01 NISMO Coppermix Silvia and tuning it to be the ultimate R/C drift machine, releasing it in a user-friendly Ready-to-Run package. Discuss HERE.

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